• Image of Vestige II by Chitra Merchant

Merchant's work looks at the idea of imagined monuments as temples and what that might constitute. In these images, she has used disparate parts of often overlooked urban architecture to create a composite of temple-like structures. These structures often appear untenable, fragile, fragmented, and on the verge of collapse. They are a way of noting beauty in the ruinous, the derelict and the abandoned. On a political level, it is an attempt to record the industrial wastelands that occur when modernist architecture enters postmodern economics.

Merchant shows her work on a regular basis with Spike Print Studio, Brook Gallery and Smithson Gallery. This year her print Night - VI was shown at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition with the edition of 40 selling out within a week.

Medium: Screenprint
Edition size : 50
Paper Size: 36 by 36 cm