• Image of SPIKE PRINT EDITIONS: Robert – Successful Farmer by Daphne Wright

Daphne Wright’s work maneuvers objects into well-wrought but delicate doubt – shifting between order and mess; it sets imagery, materials and language in constant metaphorical motion. Using a wide range of materials – plaster, tinfoil, video, printmaking, found objects and performance – she creates worlds that are beautiful and rather eerie, and feel like the threshold to somewhere new.

In 2006, she had a solo exhibition at Limerick City Art Gallery and has shown all over the world, including PS1, New York; Albright Knox Museum, Buffalo; Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, 1999/2000 and From a Distance: Approaching Landscape, at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. Her most recent exhibition at Frith Street, Daphne Wright: A Small Thing to Ask, was critically acclaimed by the Observer.

Daphne Wright is represented by Frith Street Gallery, London.

Medium: Polymer Photogravure

Edition: 16

Paper Size: 81cm x 94cm