• Image of Utterly Butterfly Effect by Charlotte Framer

Charlotte graduated in 2006 with an MA in communication design from Central St Martins and has been working as freelance illustrator ever since, combining this with making screen prints at Spike Print Studio, Bristol. She has a cupboard bursting with carbon paper which she uses to create the detailed drawings that become the stencils for her multi layered, hand made screen prints. Her box of printing inks contains an ever increasing collection of bluey greys along with a vivid range of fluorescents and sparkly metallics (made to a top secret recipe).

Her playful screen prints often involve collections of things from snowglobes, bikes or biscuits to tropical birds and aniamls. She is also intersted in unexpected combinations of characters and their conversations or the sounds things make. Her very pampered cat, Margo also makes regular appearances.

Medium: Screenprint
Paper size: 38 x 56cm
Edition size: 100