• Image of Seascape Refit No.7 by Robert Manners
  • Image of Seascape Refit No.7 by Robert Manners

A fascination of maritime and navigational paraphernalia, its colour, shape and material surface provides Robert Manners with his inspiration. This is only the starting point form which he sees a language emerging: overlapping curves and panels, chinks of what lies beneath the surface, space and solidity.

Implied Resistance was made especially for Multiplied 2014. Heavy use of inked layers have been used to build up a solid base - each colour taking up to a week to dry. Cardboard templates have been made for each shape in the print so that they can be inked up individually with separate colours and printed simultaneously. Other versions of these prints are currently being made.

Medium: Screenprint

Edition: 5

Paper size: 70 x 50cm Fabriano